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Love on the Road (2022) Cast, Wiki, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

 Love on the Road is an American Romance movie (2022). Erin Cahill, Jesse Hutch, Francesca Bianchi are the main cast of Love on the Road (2022). Abby and diner joint proprietor Tom get to know one another, Abby finds a thing she could possibly call love. Fall head over heels for the UPtv debut film “Love on the Road” Sunday at 7 PM ET. Love stories in sunflower valley, is another great film that she played.

Love on the Road Trailer

Love on the Road Wiki

Movie: Love on the Road (2022)

Network: UPtv

Director: Robert Lieberman

Writer: Josh Brekhus

Main Stars: Erin Cahill, Jesse Hutch, Francesca Bianchi

Genre: Romance

Countries: Canada, United States

Languages: English, French

Release Date: 23 January 2022 (UPtv)

Runtime: 1 hour 25 minutes

Filming locations: British Columbia, Canada

Also known As: Comme une envie de romance, Love on the Road, Love on the Road (2022), Love on the Road UPtv

Love on the Road Plot

Café makeover show have Abby gets another task to transform a humble community cafe into a spot on the culinary guide. As Abby and burger joint proprietor Tom get to know each other, Abby finds a thing she very well could call love.

This is so cool, Erin is an extraordinary entertainer and she has consistently done an incredible occupation with her characters in these films. A café makeover show has attempted to transform a modest community coffee shop into a culinary milestone. As she invests more energy with the eatery proprietor, she tracks down another appreciation for solace food, a spot to call home and a thing called love.

Love on the Road Cast

Erin Cahill As Abby Brooks

Jesse Hutch As Tom Billings

Francesca Bianchi As Kenna

Tanja Dixon-Warren As Aunt Marge Billings

Mila Bursac As Claire Billings

Scott Bellis As Bill

Eva De Viveiros As Becca

Anthony Santiago As Raphael Sabatini

Love on the Road Release Date

Release Date: 23 January 2022

Release Date : UPtv

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