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Noise ColorFit Ultra smartwatch review, Pros, Cons, Designs, Performance, Should You Buy It?

Noise had expanded its smartwatch line-up by adding yet another smartwatch to its portfolio. The Noise Colorfit Ultra was launched with a lot of fanfare. It was probably one of those rare products that had a special launch event of its own. The company was surely banking on what seemed like a slightly premium smartwatch on a budget. Noise Colorfit Pro comes with a huge display and aluminium alloy body. During the launch, it was mentioned that the material used in aeroplanes was used in the watch. So that does speak a lot about the sturdiness of the smartwatch.

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Noise ColorFit Ultra comes at a time when there are already quite a lot of viable options available in the market. Many from Noise itself and others brands like Fire Boltt, Crossbeats, Realme, Redmi and more. Almost every other company is launching a smartwatch these days, including the traditional watchmakers, including Timex, Fastrack and Fcuk. There is clearly no dearth of choices. So what makes the Noise Colorfit Ultra stand from the crowd? At Rs 4499, it flaunts a huge display, aluminium alloy body, health tracking features and more. But should you place your bet on the newest Noise addition? Let us explore in the review.

Noise ColorFit Ultra smartwatch review: Design

The first time I took the Noise Colorfit Ultra out from the box, I was enamoured with its build quality. The watch case bears a strong resemblance with the Apple Watch but has been made up of an aluminium alloy body. The soft matte finish of the sides and the rear panel adds a touch of elegance to the watch, and the sensors are placed in a metal panel that further enhances the look of the watch. The Noise Colorfit Ultra is available in three colours, including Blue, Black and Cloud Grey. For my review, I was handed the cloud grey colour.

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Noise has launched many smartwatches of late, but the Noise Colorfit Ultra takes the cake in terms of design and feel. It has a solid built, it is sturdy, and a good departure from the plasticky watch cases we have been seeing lately. Because of the metal, the watch case is also a little heavy but not particularly uncomfortable. The watch is paired with silicone straps with many holes. So people with thinner wrists will not have issues with the straps, as it happened with the previously-launched Noise smartwatches.

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Noise has used good quality silicone straps, which are not uncomfortable, to say the least. I had the watch on for almost the entire duration but did not face any issues because of the straps, the watch case on the other did feel heavy on the wrist. On the right side of the dial, there is a button to take you to the menu and main screen.

The display, which is being considered the USP of the smartwatch, may not be the ideal size for all users. It is big and may particularly seem so for female users with thin wrists like mine. However, if you don’t mind a huge time machine on your wrist, it would not be a problem for you. But if you want a more compact wristwatch, you could consider the Amazfit GTS 2 mini, as that has the ideal size and even the Boat Xtend, which is comparatively smaller than the Colorfit Ultra 2.

Noise ColorFit Ultra smartwatch review: Performance

Noise Colorfit Ultra is quite a looker. Its strong resemblances with the Apple Watch can easily pass off as one as it also feels and looks premium. However, looks alone cannot help a smartwatch sell if the performance is average. So let us delve deeper to find out how well the smartwatch has faired in terms of performance.

So first things first, you will have to download the Noisefit app on your phone to pair the smartwatch. Pairing is pretty easy and wouldn’t be a hassle for first-time users as well. Simply go to the Play Store, App Store, download the app and tap on add device. The app has a clean and easy to use interface. It is not cluttered and not a wee bit complicated. The first thing that you should do after pairing your smartwatch is, check the app for firmware updates as updates and fix a lot of existing issues in the smartwatch. You can also choose from countless watch faces available on the app and download them on your watch.

The Noise Colorfit Ultra has a stunning 1.75-inch display with a resolution of 320x385 pixels to start with the basic things. The display is one of the finest I have seen of late, and the icons appear big and clear. It is also pretty legible under direct sunlight. I became a fan of the icons as they resembled that of a smartphone, and the animations, too, are pretty great. However, what was off-putting was the touch response. It wasn’t as smooth and fast as I had seen in the smartwatches that cost much lesser than the Noise Colorfit Ultra. It took time to move from one option to another.

Coming to the trackers, I initially faced massive issues with the pedometer. It counted my steps even when I was not moving. However, an update fixed the issue. The SpO2 tracker was at par with the other smartwatches that I use but not as accurate as the oximeter. This has got nothing to do with the accuracy of the smartwatch. The oximeters are supposed to be more accurate than the smartwatches because of the technology used in them.

The watch also comes with 24x7 heart rate monitoring, and the best bit is that the watch alerts you about unusually high beats per minute. However, there was something rather strange about this feature that I observed. Many times when I placed the watch on a surface, I got high heart rate alerts. But when I tried recording the heart rate by keeping the watch on a surface, the watch refused to do so. Maybe, this is an issue Noise can fix with an update. The watch comes with over 60 sports mode that includes running, swimming, cycling and most of which I could not test because of the Covid situations.

However, I truly liked the watch's ability to send drink-water reminders and hand wash reminders. We get so consumed by the work that we forget to drink water even if the bottle is lying right next to us, but this watch will remind you to drink water after every two or four hours. You can set the time according to your convenience. Not only that, but the watch can also remind you to wash your hands, which is so important considering we are in the middle of a pandemic.

As far as the battery is concerned, the watch lasted me around a week on a single charge, which I found to be pretty good considering its huge screen size. The watch comes with a magnetic charger so that For protection, the watch is IP68 rated and hence can endure splashes. You can wear the watch while taking a bath or while working out in a gym. Just don’t submerge it for a very long time.

Noise ColorFit Ultra smartwatch review: Should you buy it?

The Noise ColorFit Ultra looks excellent and feels great on your wrist. It is sturdy and would last you a long time. The watch is equipped with fitness trackers, including the blood oxygen tracker, the heart rate monitor, all of which are fairly accurate. The Noise ColorFir Ultra also has a good battery that can easily last a week on a single charge. The watch has a very vibrant display with smartwatch-like icons. The icons are big and legible and a pure delight for people who are concerned about graphics.

The size of the watch is big and hence not ideal for wrists of all sizes. But if you don’t mind large watches, it should not be a problem for you. I was not impressed by the touch response despite the screen being so good. This is one area where the watch needs improvement. The watch could have been better had the little issues like this not appeared. But, overall, the performance is pretty satisfactory, and If you want a watch that looks premium on a budget, you should definitely consider the Noise ColourFit Ultra.Live TV

Noise ColorFit Ultra Pros

  • Design
  • Solid Build
  • Battery

Noise ColorFit Ultra Cons

  • Touch response
  • Irregular heart beat alerts


  •  Noise had expanded its smartwatch line-up by adding yet another smartwatch to its portfolio.
  • Noise Colorfit Pro comes with a huge display and aluminium alloy body. 
  • Noise Colorfit Ultra also sends drink-water and hand-wash reminders to users. 

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