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 The Amusement Park is an American Drama-Horror movie (2021). Lincoln Maazel, Harry Albacker, Phyllis Casterwiler are featuring in the lead cast of Lincoln Maazel, Harry Albacker, Phyllis Casterwiler. Shot by George A. Romero between Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead.

The Amusement Park Trailer

The Amusement Park Wiki

Movie: The Amusement Park (2021)

Network: Shudder

Director: George A. Romero

Writer: Wally Cook

Main Stars: Lincoln Maazel, Harry Albacker, Phyllis Casterwiler

Genres: Drama, Horror, Thriller

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 8 June 2021 (Shudder)

Also Known As: The Amusement Park, The Amusement Park (2021), The Amusement Park Shudder, Shudder Movies

The Amusement Park Plot

An old refined man goes for what he accepts will be a normal day at the carnival, just to wind up in the center of an appalling bad dream all things considered.

It’s consistently a glad day when a piece of lost media is found. George A. Romero’s The Amusement Park. George Romero’s The Amusement Park willing be spilling on Shudder this late spring! The Grindhouse to examine The Amusement Park, coming soon to shiver. Particularly anticipating The Amusement Park. Ready and waiting.

The motivating secret message inside Shudder’s forthcoming debut of George A Romero’s lost film THE AMUSEMENT PARK. Simply an appreciation tweet for the banner they concocted for George Romero’s lost film The Amusement Park which is hitting shiver.

The Amusement Park Cast Real Name

Lincoln Maazel

Harry Albacker

Phyllis Casterwiler

Pete Chovan

Marion Cook

Sally Erwin

Michael Gornick

Jack Gottlob

Halem Joseph

Bob Koppler

Sarah Kurtz

Aleen Palmer

Georgia Palmer

Arthur Schwerin

Bill Siebart

Gabriel Verbick

The Amusement Park Release Date

The Amusement Park release on Shudder on 8 June 2021.

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