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AllBioWiki :  "Kevin Can F**k Himself" is an American dark Comedy TV Series.  It is created by Valerie Armstrong who is also an executive producer of “Kevin Can F**k Himself”.  

"Kevin Can F**k Himself" Trailer

"Kevin Can F**k Himself" Plot

 Synopsis / Story / Summary

Allison McRoberts is a woman who is the sitcom wife of the man-child, Kevin McRoberts in Worcester, Massachusetts.  For ten years of marriage, Allison has tolerated Kevin’s antics, which tend to involve guzzling booze, worshipping the Patriots, and evading all adult responsibility, but she’s finally had enough of the long-suffering shtick. She begins to dream of escape—stabbing Kevin in the jugular with a broken beer mug is one happy fantasy—and, as her thoughts turn dark, so, literally, does the show.  She soon breaks television conventions by escaping her confines and taking the lead in her own life.  She confines and becomes the leader of her own life.  She uses a format which blends both the multiple-camera setup.

"Kevin Can F**k Himself" Cast

Lead Character Male, Female Real Name

Annie Murphy as Allison McRoberts

How to watch “Kevin Can F**k Himself” Online?

TV Series “Kevin Can F**k Himself” is exclusively available for streaming on AMC. You can also watch the show on YouTube TV (Free Trial).

"Kevin Can F**k Himself" Release Date

The first season of  “Kevin Can F**k Himself” premiered on Sunday, June 20, 2021, on AMC.

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