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 Memories of a Murder is an American Thriller movie (2021). Isabella Pisacane, Jamie Donnelly, Abby Awe are the main cast of Memories of a Murder (2021). A murderabilia shop representative (Isabella Pisacane) finds her own family’s dim history when she’s approached to sell trinkets from wrongdoing not yet tackled. Memories of a Murder release on Lifetime 8 May 2021.

NYU Tisch at Strasberg alumna Isabella Pisacane can be seen in the Hulu small scale arrangement “The Comey Rule” as James Comey’s girl, Claire. Isabella has been recently found in Daredevil, Law, and Order: SVU, and the 2020 spine-chiller Souvenirs! It’s such a joy to commend our element movies’ proceeded with progress.

Memories of a Murder Trailer

Memories of a Murder Plot

A murderabilia shop agent finds her own family’s dull history when she’s approached to sell keepsakes from wrongdoing not yet settled.

Memories of a Murder Wiki

Movie: Memories of a Murder (2021)

Network: Lifetime

Director: Anna Mikami

Writer: Matthew Sorvillo

Main Stars: Isabella Pisacane, Jamie Donnelly, Abby Awe

Genres: Thriller

Country: USA

Language: English

Release Date: 8 May 2021 (Lifetime)

Runtime: 84 minutes

Also Known As: Souvenirs, Souvenirs (2021), Souvenirs Lifetime, Lifetime Movies, Lifetime 2021, Memories of a Murder, Memories of a Murder Lifetime

Memories of a Murder Cast

Isabella Pisacane has won Best Actress from the New Blood program in the Phenomena Festival. A young lady, running a”murderabilia” shop, is provoked by a mysterious executioner, who leaves prizes from inexplicable homicides at her doorstep. Memories of a Murder cast: Isabella Pisacane, Jamie Donnelly, Abby Awe. Memories of a Murder Release Date: 8 May 2021 (Lifetime). Memories of a Murder Director: Anna Mikami. As her examination draws nearer to reality, the individual stakes become a lot higher.

Isabella Pisacane As Gail

Jamie Donnelly As Margot

Abby Awe As Alexa

Rosa Gilmore As Janice

Craig Walker As G.W. Stubbs

John V. Barbieri As News Anchor

Sophie Bolen As Tori’s Friend

Lisa Chamberlain As Lolo

Joe Coleman As Joe Coleman

Sarah-Grace Donnelly As Tori

Skyler Gallun As Royce

Wulf Hogan As Guard

Jack Layer As Johnny

Peter Morgan As Glen

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