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 Benny Loves You is a Comedy-Drama movie (2021). Karl Holt, Claire Cartwright, George Collie are the main cast of Benny Loves You (2021). UK: Benny Loves You will be accessible in the United Kingdom from the fifteenth February 2021 on Prime Video, Virgin Media, iTunes, and Sky Store. USA: Limited dramatic delivery 7 May 2021.

For a first-time producer, this was truly noteworthy. Had a great time watching it and altogether delighted in exactly how insane everything got. Appears to be the chief and essayists’ fundamental thought was to show blood with no contemplated plot. It’s acceptable and incredible bloody fun, not for everybody but rather I do suggest it on the off chance that you like Horror comedies.

Benny Loves You Trailer

Benny Loves You Plot

Jack, a man urgent to improve his life discards his adored youth rich, Benny. It’s a move that has terrible results when Benny springs to existence with lethal expectations.

Benny Loves You Wiki

Movie: Benny Loves You (2021)

Director: Karl Holt

Writer: Karl Holt

Main Stars: Karl Holt, Claire Cartwright, George Collie

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Horror, Thriller

Country: UK

Language: English

Release Date: 7 May 2021

Runtime: 94 minutes

Also Known As: Benny Loves You, Benny Loves You (2021)

Benny Loves You Cast

Karl Holt As Jack

Claire Cartwright As Dawn

George Collie As Richard

James Parsons As Ron

Anthony Styles As Bad Cop

Darren Benedict As Good Cop

Lydia Hourihan As Tara

David Wayman As Phil

Jennifer Healy As Ashley’s Mother

Bella Munday As Ashley

Catriona McDonald As Jack’s Mum

Greg Barnett As David

Logan Murray As Young Jack

Greg Page As Jack’s Dad

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