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Why Rrahul Sudhir use Double RR in his name?

Many celebrities have changed their names. One of them is Rrahul. As we know, Rrahul adds extra ‘R’ in his name.

When we asked the actor the reason behind the change in his name, he shared, ‘My cousin who knows numerology told my family that I am not good looking, creative, or talented. He asked them why I wanted to become an actor. So my family asked for a solution, and she recommended that I add an extra ‘R’ in my name.’
Why Rrahul Sudhir use Double RR in his name?

Rrahul was recently playing the role of Dr. Vedant Tripathi in Zee TV's Serial Rajaa Betaa.  On bagging the show, Rrahul shared, ‘I think every male actor would like to be part of the show like Rajaa Beta, and luckily, I am the one. In the past also, I have received many offers, but they were not that appealing.’

Now he has quit the show and his role is replaced.  Why Rrahul has Quit Rajaa Betaa Serial on Zee TV.

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