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Is Kulfi Dead or Saved | Allbiowiki

All we know that Kulfi role played by Aakriti Sharma is kidnapped by David in Kullfi Kumar Bajewala. Kullfi goes with the mysterious man. David.  He kidnaps her instead.

Sikander (Mohit Malik) realizes that something is fishy. He has a connection with the poor girl and feels she is in danger.

 Sikander is trying hard to find Kulfi.  She will escaped from David's house.  SSG will finally find out Kulfi.  Sikander will see Kulfi standing far from him.  He will be excited as he will see her.  Sikka will be very happy to see Kulfi.
Is Kulfi Dead or Saved | Allbiowiki

At that time, Kullfi will met an accident.  A Truck carrying flowers will hit Kullfi.  As soon as Kullfi will be hit, she will be declared dead on the spot.
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After that accident, Kullfi will be taken to hospital.  There the doctors will reveal the truth of Kullfi, as Kullfi is not a boy but a girl.  Kullfi is trying hard to hide her identity as a girl, but now finally her identity will be revealed. 

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